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About Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation in Bluewater Bay is the last and newest gated community in Bluewater Bay. Our community in Niceville, FL consists of 268 homes. The following links provide more information about our community's history and operations:

Bench by Pond Magnolia Plantation: Bluewater Bay: The Final Phase

Bluewater Bay in retrospect

Bluewater Bay: Then and Now
(From Northwest Florida Daily News)

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Golf Course Update (Feb 25, 2015)

After our letter to the Bluewater Bay Resort Failed to get the desired action to take care of the former Magnolia Course the attached complaint was submitted to the County Code Enforcement Department with copies to other officials and the County Commissioners. Letters of support for the complaint urging quick county action have been sent to homeowners for signature, and will be forwarded to the county.

Complaint Affidavit

Complaint Exhibits

Magnolia Plantation Master Re-Landscaping Plan